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Managerial Skills Enhancement Professional Diploma Series:Managerial Communication

Title Managerial Skills Enhancement Professional Diploma Series:Managerial Communication
Course code MG40.4-03-2019-C
Objective The course aims to enhance participants' understanding of different communication models and appropriately apply listening, questioning, feedback and presenting techniques to achieve win-win communication in their day-to-day managerial activities, including managing conflicts and change, promoting cross-cultural communication, hosting meetings and enhancing work performance management.
  • Win-win communication
    • What is communication and the art of communication?
    • DISC personality analysis
    • Communication models (using PAC and NLP as examples)
    • Principles, techniques and disposition towards communication
    • Awareness of non-verbal messages and the quality "magic words"
  • Enhancing the power to persuade
    • Techniques for persuasion
    • Strategy for persuasive writing
    • Steps to persuasive presentation
    • The FAB approach for presentation
  • Managerial communication application (1) - Conflict management and negotiation strategy
    • Common communication and coordination obstacles in the workplace
    • Sources of conflicts and conflict management strategies
    • Pros and cons of different conflict management strategies
    • Becoming an effective "linking pin" in the organization
    • Preparing for negotiation and the 3R principles
    • Adopting different negotiation strategies for different types of counterparts
    • Handling an impasse
  • Managerial communication application (2) –Change management and cross-cultural communication
    • The sources of change
    • Overcoming resistance to change and setting up a communication mechanism
    • Communication as a success factor for change
    • Promoting cross-cultural communication through organizational culture
  • Managerial communication application (3) - Hosting a meeting
    • Planning and preparing a meeting
    • How to be an effective host
    • Rules for enhancing meeting efficiency
    • How to reach consensus and decision
  • Managerial communication application (4) –Work performance management
    • Methods and application of performance appraisals
    • The challenge of performance appraisals
    • Enhancing relations and communication with the appraisee during the appraisal
    • Handling appraisees who have unsatisfacotory performance / are not cooperative
Assessment In class performance, exercises and test.
Target audience
  • Supervisors, executives and managerial personnel
  • Individuals who would like to enhance their managerial skills in communication
Prerequisite Nil. Priority will be given to individuals who are currently in supervisory or managerial positions.
Class size 20
Instructor CPTTM Appointed Instructor, Corporate Trainer and Headhunting Consultant; Member of the Hong Kong International Coaching Community and Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association; Associate Member of the Hong Kong Mediation Centre. The instructor has over 15 years of working experience in career counselling, staff recruitment, training and development; he is also a part-time lecturer for degree and higher diploma courses.
Instruction language Cantonese
Handout language Handouts in Chinese (traditional)
  • Sunday : 24 hours in 8 sessions
  • Wednesday: 12 hours in 4 sessions
  • Total: 36 hours in 12 sessions
  • Sunday : 09:30-12:30, 13:30-16:30, from Mar 31, 2019 to May 5, 2019 every Sunday, excluding Apr 7, 2019(Sunday), Apr 21, 2019(Sunday).
  • Wednesday: 18:30-21:30, from Apr 3, 2019 to Apr 24, 2019 every Wednesday.
Fee MOP2,520
Venue CPTTM Head Office (Rua de Xangai 175, Edf. ACM 7 Andar, Macau)
Certificate Certificate of Completion/Merit issued by CPTTM (with at least 80% attendance and passed the assessment).
PDAC code Approved Course under the SAR Government "Continuing Education Development Program", Code: 1810321139-0
  • This is one of the 4 modules of the “Professional Diploma Series in Managerial Skills Enhancement (MG40).” Individuals who have successfully completed all 4 modules within a two-year period can apply for a CPTTM Professional Diploma.
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