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HRM Professional Diploma Series: How HR Practices Shape the Corporate Culture

Title HRM Professional Diploma Series: How HR Practices Shape the Corporate Culture
Course code MG120.3-03-2020-C
Objective Upon completion of the course, participants should have acquired the following:
  • how to define and analyze the organizational structure
  • an understanding of how individual behavior and organizational behavior develop and are related
  • an understanding of the essentials of building a team and enhancing team cohesiveness
  • an understanding of the structure and functions of corporate culture
  • how to shape and sustain the corporate culture, especially through HR practices
1. Introduction to Human Resources and Corporate Culture
  • Impacts of human resources on corporate culture
  • Role of human resources management (HRM) in corporate culture
2. Organizational Structure
  • 6 elements of an organizational structure
  • A structure developed to meet the specific needs and characteristics of an organization
  • Relations between organizational structure and HRM
3. From Individual Behavior to Organizational Behavior
  • Analysis of individual behavior and the Behavior Modification Model
  • Building a Staff Involvement Program
  • Analysis of group behavior
  • Objectives of analyzing organizational behavior
  • Different organizational behaviors arising from different cultures
4. Team Building
  • Differences between a group and a team
  • 3 types of teams and their functions
  • Role allocation among team members
  • Building up and nurturing team cohesiveness
  • Team communication and leadership essentials
  • Techniques of enhancing HRM effectiveness through team building
5. Basic Concepts of Corporate Culture
  • Definition and functions
  • Case Studies
6. Corporate Culture in Practice
  • How to determine a corporate culture
  • Key factors of shaping a corporate culture
  • Core elements of a corporate culture
  • "Blind Spots" when shaping a corporate culture
  • Consolidating the corporate culture
  • Sustaining the corporate culture
7. Corporate Culture and HRM
  • Corporate culture and compensation structure
  • Corporate culture as a motivational tool
  • Corporate culture and recruitment
  • Corporate culture and staff training
  • Corporate culture as an effective tool for internal communication
Assessment In-class exercises, role play and assignments
Target audience This course is tailor-made for HR professionals. Managers/supervisors in different fields will also find this course useful.
Prerequisite Priority will be given to individuals who are presently working in human resources management.
Class size 20
Instructor Trainer(s) from Synergy Plus Training and Consultancy Ltd
Instruction language Cantonese
Handout language Handouts in Chinese (supplemented with English terminology)
Duration 30 hours in 10 sessions
Schedule 14:00-17:00, 17:30-20:30, from Mar 7, 2020 to Apr 25, 2020 every Saturday, excluding Apr 4, 2020(Saturday), Apr 11, 2020(Saturday), Apr 18, 2020(Saturday).
Fee MOP2,860
Venue CPTTM Head Office (Rua de Xangai 175, Edf. ACM 7 Andar, Macau)
Certificate Certificate of Completion/Merit issued by CPTTM (with at least 80% attendance and passed the assessment).
PDAC code ---
  • This is one of the six modules of the “Human Resources Management (HRM) Professional Diploma Series" (MG120). Individuals who have successfully completed all six modules within a two-year period can apply for a CPTTM Professional Diploma.
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