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Basic Business Portuguese I

Title Basic Business Portuguese I
Course code LG68.1-08-2023-P
Objective To enhance ability in communication in Portuguese for Cantonese speaking people. Participants will learn daily conversation, useful phrases, basic grammar for a useful construction of sentences and learn some commercial Portuguese conversation skills
  • Basic pronunciation (Introdução)
  • Portuguese reading sound techniques (Pronunciação)
  • Reading basic text (Ler textos básicos)
  • Grammar (present and preposition) (Gramática - verbo no presente, estar a ... e preposição)
  • Write simple sentense (Escrever frases simples)
  • Introduce yourself (name, profession, hobbies, etc.) (Introdução pessoal - nome, profissão, passatempos, etc.)
  • Calendar (Calendário)
  • Time (Hora)
  • Family(Família)
  • Food (Alimentação)
  • Greetings (Saudação)
  • Presentation of portuguese countries (Apresentação dos Países de Língua Portuguesa - I)
Assessment In-class exercises, assignments and exam
Target audience Any interested party or people in contact to Portuguese language or those who wish to improve their portuguese skills.
Prerequisite Form 3 English standard
Class size 20
Instructor Instructor from the International Lusophone Markets Business Association (ACIML)
Handout Passaporte para Português (Robert Kuzka José Pascoal) - Livro do Aluno (2CD) & Caderno de Exercícios
Instruction language Portuguese (supplemented with Cantonese)
Handout language Handouts in Portuguese
Duration 40 hours in 20 sessions
Schedule 19:00-21:00, from Aug 4, 2023 to Sep 20, 2023 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, excluding Sep 1, 2023(Friday).
Fee MOP2,520
Other fees Textbook (Compulsory): MOP400.
Venue CPTTM Head Office (Rua de Xangai 175, Edf. ACM 7 Andar, Macau)
Certificate Joint Certificate of Completion/Merit issued by Associacao Comercial Internacional para os Mercados Lusofonos & CPTTM (with at least 80% attendance, completing in -class exercises, and/or passing the assignments/tests)
PDAC code Approved Course under the SAR Government "Continuing Education Development Program", Code: 2301110138-0
  • This is level 1 of "Basic Business Portuguese " series (total 3 levels)
  • Textbook can choose to purchase from bookstores or from CPTTM
    • Workplace English
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