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Basic Business Portuguese I

Title Basic Business Portuguese I
Course code LG68.1-01-2024-P
Objective To enhance ability in communication in Portuguese for Cantonese speaking people. Participants will learn daily conversation, useful phrases, basic grammar for a useful construction of sentences and learn some commercial Portuguese conversation skills
  • Basic pronunciation (Introdução)
  • Portuguese reading sound techniques (Pronunciação)
  • Reading basic text (Ler textos básicos)
  • Grammar (present and preposition) (Gramática - verbo no presente, estar a ... e preposição)
  • Write simple sentense (Escrever frases simples)
  • Introduce yourself (name, profession, hobbies, etc.) (Introdução pessoal - nome, profissão, passatempos, etc.)
  • Calendar (Calendário)
  • Time (Hora)
  • Family(Família)
  • Food (Alimentação)
  • Greetings (Saudação)
  • Presentation of portuguese countries (Apresentação dos Países de Língua Portuguesa - I)
Assessment In-class exercises, assignments and exam
Target audience Any interested party or people in contact to Portuguese language or those who wish to improve their portuguese skills.
Prerequisite Form 3 English standard
Class size 20
Instructor Instructor from the International Lusophone Markets Business Association (ACIML)
Handout Passaporte para Português (Robert Kuzka José Pascoal) - Livro do Aluno (2CD) & Caderno de Exercícios
Instruction language Portuguese (supplemented with Cantonese)
Handout language Handouts in Portuguese
Duration 40 hours in 20 sessions
Schedule 19:00-21:00, from Jan 19, 2024 to Mar 13, 2024 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, excluding Feb 9, 2024(Friday), Feb 12, 2024(Monday), Feb 14, 2024(Wednesday), Feb 16, 2024(Friday).
Fee MOP2,520
Other fees Textbook (Compulsory): MOP400.
Venue CPTTM Head Office (Rua de Xangai 175, Edf. ACM 7 Andar, Macau)
Certificate Joint Certificate of Completion/Merit issued by Associacao Comercial Internacional para os Mercados Lusofonos & CPTTM (with at least 80% attendance, completing in -class exercises, and/or passing the assignments/tests)
PDAC code Approved Course under the SAR Government "Continuing Education Development Program", Code: 2307140043-0
  • This is level 1 of "Basic Business Portuguese " series (total 3 levels)
  • Textbook can choose to purchase from bookstores or from CPTTM
    • Workplace English
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