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Introduction toYouTube and Short Video Production

Title Introduction toYouTube and Short Video Production
Course code CM659-07-2024-C
Objective To enhance participants' professional skills in mobile photography and video editing, covering everything from basic shooting techniques and camera operation to advanced editing skills. Participants will learn how to effectively utilize various features of the CapCut software, including AI enhancement tools. Through hands-on practice and project creation, participants will gradually master how to produce short videos with compelling narratives and visual appeal, thereby improving their multimedia production capabilities on both personal and professional levels.
  • Basic techniques of video shooting and post-production, camera operation, storyboarding, and transitions, introduction to the editing process.
  • Introduction to the interface of the CapCut APP and its unique features, anti-shake processing, and video puzzles.
  • Color grading techniques to enhance the texture of the image.
  • Application of special effects, masks, and animations, and the use of variable speed in videos.
  • Music and sound effects processing, beat alignment, audio and video separation, and original sound enhancement.
  • Exploring the AI features of CapCut APP.
Assessment In-class performance, exercises and final project
Target audience Short video creators, entrepreneurial business workers, new media community managers, marketing professionals, individuals interested in video production, and those who enjoy filming to capture the beauty of life
Prerequisite Familiar with PC or Mac, common softwares, Please check the self-assessment.
Class size 18
Instructor CPTTM Appointed Instructor
Handout All training material provided by CPTTM
Instruction language Cantonese (supplemented with English)
Handout language Handouts in Chinese (supplemented with English terminology)
  • P1: 9 hours in 3 sessions
  • P2: 9 hours in 3 sessions
  • Total: 18 hours in 6 sessions
  • P1: 18:45-21:45, from Jul 3, 2024 to Jul 17, 2024 every Wednesday.
  • P2: 10:00-13:00, from Jul 7, 2024 to Jul 21, 2024 every Sunday.
Fee MOP1,600
Venue Cyber-Lab (Rua Comandante Mata Oliveira, Ed. Associacao Industrial, 3-andar Macau)
Certificate Certificate of Completion issued by CPTTM (with at least 80% attendance and passed the assessment)
PDAC code ---
Enroll Online
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