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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: Computer Vision

Title Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: Computer Vision
Course code CM614-10-2022-C

"Computer Vision" focuses on how computers process pictures and videos, such as recognizing objects in pictures or videos, and is widely used in AR/VR, Autonomous Driving and other fields. CPTTM specially designed this course to popularize Artificial Intelligence applications in Computer Vision.

Main content including:

  • Introduction of the core concepts, basics and application scenarios of Deep Learning and Computer Vision
  • Practice Computer Vision techniques through the Deep Learning framework TensorFlow
  • Linear Algebra Recap
  • Introduction to Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to TensorFlow structure & Syntaxes
  • Introduction to Neural Network
  • Deep Neural Network + TensorFlow
  • Convolution Neural Network
  • Refinement and Dataset Preparation for Real Life Image
  • Convolution Neural Network + Transfer Learning
Assessment At least 80% attendance and complete all in-class exercises and assessments.
Target audience Anyone who is interested in learning Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, TensorFlow
Prerequisite Familiar with the Python programming language or have completed course CM540;
It will be better better if you have machine learning foundation or have completed the course CM546;
Basic math and statistics knowledge;
Can read English materials;
Please check the self-assessment.
Class size 18
Instructor CPTTM Appointed Instructor
Handout All training material provided by CPTTM
Instruction language Cantonese (supplemented with English)
Handout language English
Duration 24 hours in 8 sessions
Schedule 14:00-17:00, from Oct 8, 2022 to Nov 26, 2022 every Saturday.
Fee MOP2,700
Venue Cyber-Lab (Rua Comandante Mata Oliveira, Ed. Associacao Industrial, 3-andar Macau)
Certificate Certificate of Completion issued by CPTTM (with at least 80% attendance and passed the assessment)
PDAC code Approved Course under the SAR Government "Continuing Education Development Program", Code: 2204200228-0
Remark If you interested in Natural Language Processing, please take a look at course CM613 Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: Natural Language Processing
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