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LPI-Linux Fundamentals

Title LPI-Linux Fundamentals
Course code CM531.1-08-2023-C
Objective On completion the attendee will understand the concepts of Linux and the use of the command line utilities and is prepared to study the administration of a Linux system. It corresponds to the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Linux Essentials Professional Development Certificate
  • Understand Linux as an operating system
  • Learn basic Linux command line skills
  • Basics of how to work with Linux files and directories
  • Searching and extracting data from Linux files
  • Basic understanding of the concept of scripting
  • Knowing where data is stored on a Linux system
  • Management Linux system netwoking environment
  • Manggement users on a Linux system
  • Managing Linux file permissions and ownership
  • Understanding special Linux directories and files
  • For each semester, the average score of online module assessment is >= 60 and the score of online semester exam & practical exam for each semester is >= 60.
Target audience Anyone who would like to learn Linux.
Prerequisite Understand the concept of file, directory, process, memory, hardware, etc.
Please check the self-assessment
Class size 18
Instructor Used to work as a senior software developer. Currently working as an IT Project Management role coordinating or managing IT project activities. Has been teaching IT since 2008.
Handout Online courseware provided by Cisco
Instruction language Cantonese (supplemented with English)
Handout language Handouts in English
Duration 48 hours in 16 sessions
Schedule 18:45-21:45, from Aug 1, 2023 to Sep 21, 2023 every Tuesday, Thursday.
Fee MOP2,600
Venue Cyber-Lab (Rua Comandante Mata Oliveira, Ed. Associacao Industrial, 3-andar Macau)
Certificate Certificate and letter issued by Cisco, certifying the completion status of the student (for students who have attained at least 80% attendance and passed the assessment).
PDAC code Approved Course under the SAR Government "Continuing Education Development Program", Code: 2301090146-0
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