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Diploma in Fashion Design & Manufacture

Title Diploma in Fashion Design & Manufacture
Course code ATD167-05-2024-C
Objective The aim is to train the local fashion designers and to strengthen the fashion design sense of the local garment industry. Therefore, it is a very suitable course for individuals who are intending to establish their fashion brands.
  • Fashion Design
  • Costume History
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Production Drawing and Software Application(Adobe Illustrator)
  • Understanding and Application of Garment Material
  • Fashion Entrepreneurship and Marketing Planning
  • Pattern Making and Theory
  • Fashion Draping
  • Computer Pattern Making
  • Sewing Technique
  • Knitwear Manufacturing
  • Fashion Show Collection and Supervision
Assessment In-class performance, assignments, exam & completed the Fashion Show Collection
Target audience People interested in fashion design and business
Prerequisite Form 3 or above and also need to sumbit the related certificate.
Class size 24
Instructor CPTTM Appointed Instructor(s)
Instruction language Cantonese
Handout language Handouts partly in Chinese and partly in English
  • Class: 408 hours in 136 sessions
  • Fashion Show Collection & Supervision: 69 hours in 23 sessions
  • Criqitue of Graduation Collection: 3 hours in 1 sessions
  • Total: 480 hours in 160 sessions
  • Class: 19:00-22:00, from May 6, 2024 to Aug 1, 2025 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, excluding May 15, 2024(Wednesday), Jun 10, 2024(Monday), Jul 5, 2024(Friday), Jul 8, 2024(Monday), Jul 10, 2024(Wednesday), Jul 12, 2024(Friday), Sep 9, 2024(Monday), Sep 11, 2024(Wednesday), Sep 13, 2024(Friday), Sep 18, 2024(Wednesday), Oct 2, 2024(Wednesday), Oct 11, 2024(Friday), Oct 18, 2024(Friday), Nov 4, 2024(Monday), Nov 13, 2024(Wednesday), Nov 15, 2024(Friday), Nov 18, 2024(Monday), Nov 25, 2024(Monday), Nov 29, 2024(Friday), Dec 2, 2024(Monday), Dec 4, 2024(Wednesday), Dec 9, 2024(Monday), Dec 11, 2024(Wednesday), Dec 13, 2024(Friday), Dec 16, 2024(Monday), Dec 18, 2024(Wednesday), Dec 20, 2024(Friday), Dec 23, 2024(Monday), Dec 25, 2024(Wednesday), Dec 27, 2024(Friday), Dec 30, 2024(Monday), Jan 1, 2025(Wednesday), Jan 3, 2025(Friday), Jan 27, 2025(Monday), Jan 29, 2025(Wednesday), Jan 31, 2025(Friday), Feb 3, 2025(Monday), Feb 5, 2025(Wednesday), Feb 14, 2025(Friday), Mar 17, 2025(Monday), Mar 19, 2025(Wednesday), Mar 21, 2025(Friday), Apr 4, 2025(Friday), Apr 18, 2025(Friday), Apr 21, 2025(Monday), May 5, 2025(Monday), May 21, 2025(Wednesday), May 28, 2025(Wednesday), Jun 2, 2025(Monday), Jun 4, 2025(Wednesday), Jun 6, 2025(Friday), Jun 11, 2025(Wednesday), Jun 18, 2025(Wednesday), Jun 25, 2025(Wednesday), Jul 2, 2025(Wednesday), Jul 9, 2025(Wednesday), Jul 16, 2025(Wednesday), Jul 23, 2025(Wednesday), Jul 30, 2025(Wednesday).
  • Fashion Show Collection & Supervision: 19:00-22:00, from Aug 11, 2025 to Oct 18, 2025 every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, excluding Sep 6, 2025(Saturday), Sep 10, 2025(Wednesday), Sep 17, 2025(Wednesday), Oct 1, 2025(Wednesday), Oct 4, 2025(Saturday), Oct 6, 2025(Monday), Oct 8, 2025(Wednesday).
  • Criqitue of Graduation Collection: 19:00-22:00, Oct 27, 2025 (Monday).
Fee MOP24,900
Venue House of Apparel Technology (Rua dos Pescadores, Ed. Industrial Ocean, Fase II, 10 andar Macau)
Certificate Diploma issued by CPTTM (Students who can successfully finish the whole programme {pass the assessments and attendence is 80% of each Subject} must participate the critique and graduation fashion show organized by CPTTM
PDAC code ---
  • For class dates,CPTTM have the right to reschedule the course timetable according to actual situation.
  • According to the request of instructors of each module , self-provide tools and materials.
  • Students who can successfully finish all the modules (pass the assessments and attendence is 80% of each subject) can take "Final workshop for graduate fashion show" and must participate the graduation fashion show organized by CPTTM. In case the number of students participating in the graduation fashion show is less than 80% of the total class size, CPTTM reserves the right to organize the graduation fashion show for the students.
  • Students who join this course will automatically grant CPTTM the right to use their assignments and final projects for course promotion purposes.
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