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Web 2.0 Application Technique - jQuery

Title Web 2.0 Application Technique - jQuery
Course code CM467-11-2014-C

jQuery is a fast and lightweight Javascript library. It simplified the part of DOM manipulation, Event handling and AJAX oeration. It also take care of the compatibility between different browsers. The library included various animation tools, creating rich web interface to enhance the accessibility and user-friendly become very easy. By taking the advantage of jQuery, with the powerful plug-in system, students could writing less code to achieve the high interactive web application, and this will increase the development effeciency and quality.


Since jQuery glue Javascript, HTML and CSS together. The course has cover the necessary knowledge of HTML and CSS

Course outline:

  • HTML basic syntax
  • Usage of common HTML tags
  • CSS basic syntax
  • CSS selector
  • CSS positioning technique
  • Introduction to Javascript
  • Working with Object and Array in Javascript
  • jQuery selector
  • jQuery animation effect
  • jQuery event handling
  • jQuery & Ajax
  • Form validation in jQuery
  • jQuery Plug-ins
  • The average mark for all the written tests is at least 60.
  • The average mark for all the lab assignments (or lab tests) is at least 60.
Target audience Anyone who need to create dynamic web pages.
Class size 18
Instructor Master of Science in Software Engineering, PhD candidate of The University of Melbourne in Australia. He has experience in designing and developing web-based IT systems and has taught courses of web application development in the university.
Instruction language Cantonese
Handout language Handouts partly in Chinese and partly in English
  • Lecture: 15 hours in 5 sessions
  • Lab : 7.5 hours in 5 sessions
  • Total: 22.5 hours in 10 sessions
  • Lecture: 19:00-22:00, from Nov 18, 2014 to Dec 16, 2014 every Tuesday.
  • Lab : 19:00-20:30, from Nov 21, 2014 to Dec 19, 2014 every Friday.
Fee MOP800
Venue Cyber-Lab (Rua Comandante Mata Oliveira, Ed. Associacao Industrial, 3-andar Macau)
Certificate Certificate of Completion/Merit issued by CPTTM (with at least 80% attendance and passed the assessment).
PDAC code ---
  • Approved Course under the SAR Government "Continuing Education Development Program", Code: 1405321979
  • Instructor will assign 5-8 hours lab assignment to students every session. The students need to work at home. Therefore, students must have personal computer and Internet connection.
  • The attendance calculation: both lectures and labs required 80% attendance.
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